Heating System Installation in Durham, ME

Maine Cooling and Heating is the company you can rely on if your heating, refrigeration and cooling system is broken or in need of replacement. Our goal is to fix your systems as quickly and efficient as possible.

What We Offer

We are capable of installing and repairing the heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilation systems of your commercial and industrial establishment. Replacements can be expensive and a headache for your business. Our skilled team will try to keep your equipment running as best as they can until you have the budget to replace it.

You can also sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program. Stop minor damages from getting worse by letting us regularly check the HVAC systems as well as the refrigeration system of your establishment.

About Maine Cooling and Heating

We are qualified partners of Efficiency Maine. You can rely on us to help you spend less on your HVAC system with energy-efficient equipment.

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Let us help keep your heating and cooling systems up and running. Sign up for our Preventive Maintenance Program today!

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